CORE Objective

Main objective for CORE is to demonstrate a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions through improved powertrain efficiency with technologies having the potential to be implemented in production around 2020.


Main focus areas are improved engine concept variable valve application with new turbo system, reduced friction and improved aftertreatment performance, specifically in the low temperature range. In addition hybridization and liquid natural gas will be utilized. All achieved results will be evaluated over legislation test cycles and in real life drive cycles. The project will demonstrate three diesel power trains and one natural gas truck.


The target fuel economy improvement of 15% is based on a EURO V state-of-the-art technology operating at the EURO VI emission standard. It is envisioned to achieve 6 to 9% in the sub-projects with different engines, powertrains and fuel approaches. The hybridisation of the power train will contribute with an estimated 3 to 5% fuel economy improvement dependent on the vehicle test cycle through usage of energy recuperation during deceleration events. Additional 2-4% of fuel economy improvements is attributed to friction reduction of the combustion engine and energy efficient exhaust gas after treatment systems and operation.











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